Hi there, world!

My name is Špela (if you wonder, what kind of name is that – it’s a slovene version of Elizabeth). I come from a quite small country of Slovenia, where I live in a village of about 50 houses. The nature has been surrounding me for all of my life. To me it is an inspiration, a sanctuary, a friend, a comfort.About Spela

Cold fresh air filling the lungs, a view till the eye meets the horizon, smell of summer rain, sound of humming on green meadows and rustling leafs in forests … I would never trade it for anything. This is me, this is my world, this is my sanity in everyday rush. Hiking, climbing, running, cycling, swimming, skiing, or simply walking my over-energized dog takes me places my mind longs for and my body loves.

Before I started my family I was climbing and swimming instructor, working mostly with schoolchildren. And a big big mountain enthusiast – still am now!

But one day it happened…  

I gave birth to my first daughter T. in 2011. Sleepless nights seemed endless. The energy I had slowly faded away, when the adrenaline connected to the coming of a new baby was gone. After two years of me struggling with sleep deprivation, cravings for chocolate to replace the lost energy, stress and exhaustion, not to mention health issues, T. went to the sea side with my parents. And I suddenly woke up – calm and rested in my beloved mountains. I decided never to forget this amazing feeling… Hiking set me free once more!

My Happy FamilyAfter that I listened to my inner voice and my body more often. I didn’t allow myself to overhear it. My needs and wishes just needed to be adjusted a little bit to fit into my daughter’s life.

This is not so hard to do! But it is essential for my and my whole family’s sake!

When I was told I’m pregnant with twins, I was kind of – shocked. And happy, too happy perhaps. 😉 I knew from my friends’ experience this will be interesting and hard. It was recommended for me to be as careful as I could. The twins were recognized as momo twins (it happens only in 1% of all twin pregnancies) – simply said, they were identical with one amniotic sac. They could easily wrap their umbilical cords one around another and if one of them would be squeezed too much… Well, I didn’t want to think about that too much (or at all)…

All of my great doctors that got involved in my case were concerned and insisted for me to stop all of my sporting activities, other than walking and a little bit of swimming. But there was nothing wrong with me! And my babies were healthy, too! I sneaked in just a little bit of hiking, and there was no damage. I just listened to my body and considered my general lifestyle.

D. and N. were born in 2015, with healthy screaming. They were 7 weeks premature, only about 1,5 kilos each. Before they were born it was predicted they would be two to three weeks in ICU and I was already going mad with worries about them and my oldest daughter because of this. Surprisingly they were out of intensive care in two and a half days, and after a week we all went home.

And here it all begins…

I could copy and paste my upper words about no sleep etc. and triple the font of writing. But I won’t. I learned a lesson and I decided to overcome every obstacle. I took pilates lessons, to which I could bring my children with me. I went for a walk every day, even if it was raining or it was sooo cold. All of us (me and the twins) were satisfied, full of energy, healthy. But after one year I’m still not in that shape I want.My Beautiful Family



About Fit Mommy – Satisfied Baby

No mistake, I’m not one of those “super – mamas”, whose life is dedicated to workout, fitness and training. I’m an average woman, 31 years old, with rather boring job, 3 children full of energy, everyday chores and no time to lose. I don’t have perfect abs and there can be some junk food found in my kitchen cabinets from time to time. Perhaps you are just like me…

I’m very interested in evolving a healthy relationship with my children, that would be a sound foundation for the years to come. I strongly believe in the connection mothers (or parents in general) have with their babies. Just imagine the power of transferring emotions from one to another!

I started to write this blog as a story about my actions. I’m determined to:

  • Lose weight after giving birth to twins
  • Get in shape as a busy mommy
  • Lead a stress-less family-life
  • Give my three girls a childhood full of satisfaction and happiness

I’ll be filling the gaps with advice, instructions or merely thoughts about sports for mothers, ways to spend your time with your children in nature in an active way, how to get and retain as much energy as you can, so you could deliver your children a parent they want and need. And much more! I will rely on my own experience and experts’ opinions.

I’ll be more than glad if you join me on my quest for a better life!

Every constructive comment, being a compliment or a critique, will be appreciated and answered! Feel free to contact me at spela@fitmommy-satisfiedbaby.com.


Truly yours,