Bond between Mother and Baby

It is nothing more natural and genuine than a healthy bond between mother and baby. The importance of this relationship is recognized by tons of various professionals, although their approaches may differ. Bonding with your baby

On this page I want to share my personal insight into the importance of bonding with your child through different activities as well as through other perspectives of life. More elaborate insight you can get in different posts in the category Bonding.

The Importance of Bonding with your Child

I strongly believe that the healthy relationship with your children may result in higher quality of your life and your family’s life. Strong, healthy bond is the key to maintain quality and constructive relationships within your whole family, even in tough times when dealing with special periods in one’s life (puberty etc.), or stressfull situations (moving, death, illness etc.).

Father and Daughter BondingThe emphasis here is on healthy bond. Throughout recent years I was and still am searching for different views of how to connect with your children in a healthy manner.

 No Absolute Truth!

During reading my blogs I am asking you to note, that there is no absolute truth on this topic. It’s the same in relationships as in every other field that is so changeable, unpredictable and subjective. I’m only writing down my own experience and discussing professional opinions of some experts I find helpful and useful for my family.

Be sure: YOU know your child more than anyone in this world! It’s your truth that matters and it’s your and your baby’s happiness that should be important to you.

Every Baby is Unique

Every baby and child is unique, with his/hers own personality, needs, demands and experiences. You should consider all of these before deciding what is best for your baby. And most of all: LISTEN to your baby (even though he/she couldn’t speak yet… 🙂 ). And listen to your inner voice – most of times it has it’s point!


If you are prepared to share your point of view on this topic, please leave a comment below any post in this category or email me to and I’ll be more then glad to discuss it with you. 🙂