Mommy and Baby Exercises and Activities


If you are here reading this post and browsing through these pages, it probably means you have one, two (maybe even more – like me 🙂 ) little sunshines in your life or you are expecting a baby, or maybe someone dear to your heart is in that position.Tired Mommy

As every mother knows out of her own experience, the first days with her new baby are magical. The portal to completely different world has opened and the adrenaline rushes through her body. At first it seems very simple to wake up every night for several times (or maybe some less, if you are one of the lucky parents). But then suddenly the weight of every waken moment comes down on you as an avalanche. Tiredness, wearyness, fatigue, exhaustion, ending with too little energy even to take a shower, wash your hair or even get out of bed in the morning. But the life is as it is and you have to do all those things, you have to do it!

So, here we are …

… tired and worn out, trying our best to run a household, be the strong and sound pillar of the family, and first and most of all to give our child a cheerful, happy, loving, understanding, patient mommy. How does exercising fit in here, you would ask … Completely naturally and with smallest effort.

It starts with just a couple minutes a day

Mommy Lifting a BabyMommy and Baby Exercises and Activities I’ll be describing in these pages, should in my humble opinion be a part of every woman’s (mother or not) life. They are simple, easy to do at home and fun to do with your baby. I am certain that anyone can fall in love in the natural movement so it can become a part of one’s everyday life.

Outdoor – Indoor

I’m quite an outdoorsy girl. I love to involve my children in my everyday recreational activities, such as hiking, running, skiing, climbing etc., so that in the end it actually becomes our shared activity. If you are interested how do I do it with three children and a dog :-), you are welcome to read more in my blogs.

When the weather gets to wet and cold and inside is a better place to be, I also found several ways to connect to my babies through sports and to play and have fun with them at the same time.

The Meaning of Mommy and Baby Activities

Just every little thing mommy does together with her child, just every short, but active and quality, minute has greater importance then you may think. The bond between mother and her baby that has been woven through shared active time is there to stay for whole life. Not just to stay but to grow stronger as it has sound, healthy and strong foundations. You are the best teacher, guardian, role model, play companion and friend your child has and needs in first years of her/his life. Take that responsibility seriously – and playfully! 😉

Last but not least…

I’m inviting you to share your thoughts, experience or questions below every post or write me to spela@fitmommy-satisfiedbaby.com. Every comment will be much appreciated and I’ll be glad to get back to you! 🙂