Today my challenge started for real. In the next month I will be showing you how to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. Or if you want, 9 kg. Throughout daily reports I will be serving you some info about my ups and downs and my progress. I will be also adding some healthy food menus that I’ll be using myself. All of them should comply to my Eating Plan. Are you ready??

Fit Mommy’s Menu #1Strawberries-wholesome-food


BREAKFAST:     oatmeal with raspberries, done with 2 dl of milk, coffee, glass of water

SNACK:             banana

LUNCH:             tomato soup, pasta with bolognese sauce, green salad

SNACK:             strawberries

DINNER:           green salad with 1 tomato and tuna fish (from the can 😉 )


Lemon For MetabolismBefore breakfast I took one lemon and squeezed it, mixed the juice with warm water and voeu la! The ultimate digestion and metabolism booster is ready to go down my throat!

As for other tips for healthy, tasty and easy to make foods I will be adding more posts into Food category in time, so stay tuned! 😉

Just remember: NO SUGAR!

Actually today my thoughtful husband made me my morning coffee – with sugar… 😉 You think, I could say no … ? 🙂

In the afternoon he made another coffee – this time sugar-free! Just because of me… 🙂 (I love him!)

Should I do my exercises….?

The question is always hovering over my head when I am too tired. I have had very little night sleep for almost a month now, as my girls are handing some viruses from one to another and we are dealing with high temperature almost every night. OK, losing sleep affects me, but I’ll still manage to do my 10 Sun Salutations before going to bed.

I don’t regret of starting my 30-days journey so poorly in the exercise department, since I’ve been already quite active this week (it’s only Wednesday!). I deserved a rest today.

OK, that’s it for today… Tomorrow is another day!


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