My days are starting to ease down a bit, since one of my daughter’s illness is slowly coming to an end. I just hope that it does not circle around and hit somebody else in my family. If you have more children, coming home from kindergarten and school with runny noses, you can surely agree with me, don’t you?

Funny it is that throughout whole day I didn’t even think about my challenge. I was just following my routine basically… and accomplished not to eat too much, eat healthy meals and do my planed workout. OK, I did slip one time: I just had to have one beer at my sister-in-law’s birthday gathering… 🙂

Fit Mommy’s Menu #2

I start my day with a glass of warm lemonade – see whyNutritious and Delitious Breakfast

BREAKFAST:     a slice of whole grain bread, butter and homemade blackberry jam, an apple, coffee

SNACK:             4 apricots

LUNCH:            vegetable stew (with courtesy of my husband 🙂 )

SNACK:             strawberries Healthy Lunch

DINNER:           a slice of whole grain bread, cheese, 2 big carrots


Drink enough water during the day

Drink WaterI cannot stress enough how important it is to drink water and not juice or other sugary products! Water is a 0 cal way to hydrate your body, the healthiest way.The other option is a sugar-free tee.

It is commonly known that women should drink about 2 liters and men about 3 liters of water per day. If you are a breastfeeding mother, physically active or if the day is hot, you should increase the intake of water for a liter or so.

I usually bring my water bottle with me where ever I go. I got used to that when I was still in school, and learned of the importance of this habit when I was pregnant.

If you have trouble with drinking fresh water I have a suggestion for you:

Take any kind of citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit…), cut it on bigger pieces and place it in a big jar. Add some mint leafs and fill up the jar with water. After some minutes you have a water with a taste, no sugar and no preservative. And cheaper then buying flavored water.

An Active Walk

I was finally able to go for a longer and more active walk after some days. What is an active walk, you would ask… Actually I use this expression for walking with such a pace that speeds up your heartbeat and your breathing. It’s up to every individual, how to define it.

Personally I’m not a fan of the heartbeat/pulse measuring devices, but I know many of my friends are very fond of them. I rather listen to my inner voice during exercising, telling me when to speed up, slow down, relax or quit.

My active walks are around 5 km long, since I have some steady routes in the nearby surroundings. I do them together with my twin girls in a stroller, so I An Active Walk have even better power workout. Because our village lays on a hill, I don’t have any other option but to push the stroller uphills or let the stroller drag me downhills… 😉 Pushing uphills is a great cardio, whereas going downhills and slowing the stroller down just with your strength, affects your thighs, bottom, tummy and waist, not to forget whole arms and shoulder girdle, pulling the stroller back. So this is a tremendous workout, girls! Just don’t be afraid to do it!

And if you incorporate also some pelvic floor exercises, as I always do, you can be very proud and satisfied, as your body just gained a bunch of benefits.

We cannot go past the psychological effects of an outdoor workout. Did you know that after an hour of physical activity in the fresh air, your body starts to produce more serotonin – happiness hormone. And what better way to become happier, don’t you think?


Now it’s getting really late and my children are fast asleep. I have to take some advantage of it… 😉

Till tomorrow!


P.S.: Any comment below will be highly appreciated and I’ll be gladly answering you all. If you wish you can always write to, too!

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