Day 3

From the first day of my challenge How to lose 20 pounds in 30 days on I knew it will get tricky sooner or later. And it happened sooner, not later. 🙂 And what happened, you would ask… The life happened.

In the evening of the Day 3 I spent some hours in the hospital with my littlest one. It was for the first time ever, that I had to go to the Hospitalemergency with any of my children. All day long she had some trouble breathing and at the evening it got worse. I had no other possibility but to pick up grandma to go with me and drive to the nearest children hospital with my twins. N. had to inhale some medicine and oxygen, and D. got an antibiotic. Fortunately my oldest daughter went to some local event with her dad and was taken care of and having a good time.

As you can imagine, my thoughts were totally off this project all day yesterday (and still are now), so I didn’t do my exercises, but I managed to eat and drink properly. I only left out my dinner, due to the circumstances. It was far to late when I got home (11 pm) … At the same time also my husband and T. got home and I was able to read her a bedtime story. I actually bought her a new storybook (we are such fans of any kind of stories!) in the hospital from the book-machine. I didn’t even know they exist! 🙂 I’m sooo outdated…

OK… what about my meals on Day 3?

Fit Mommy’s Menu #3

As always I started my day with a glass of warm lemonade – see why

BREAKFAST:     millet gruel, cooked on milk, an apple, coffee

SNACK:             plain yogurt (no sugar!)

LUNCH:            vegetable risotto, veal medallions, green lettuce

SNACK:            banana

DINNER:           a slice of whole grain bread with cottage cheese and slices of tomato*

*I actually didn’t have the chance to eat that. I did eat an apricot at 11 pm. 😛

Throughout the whole day I managed to drink 3 liters of water. When we went to the hospital I brought my water bottle with me, but still end up buying another one from the vending machine.

Food cravings?

Say No to NutellaUntil now I had no food cravings at all. It’s a funny thing, not to wish for Nutella while spreading it onto your kid’s bread. Yet another thing new to me… 😉 I’m a sucker for Nutella … In fact I should be saying: Hi, I’m Špela, and I’m addicted to chocolate…

Before I started this challenge, I bought some sweets-substitutes, healthy, tasty and nutritious: nuts and dried fruit (with no added sugar). Then I put the mix of those in bags. I usually keep a larger amount at home, and smaller bags in my purse and car. If you put one in your car, just be sure that the temperature is not too high. You will not be glad to have your glove-compartment glued with dried figs and apricots. 🙂

The next thing is – never put a bowl of this kind of snack on the table. It will surely run out in the first hour! 🙂 By my experience it is the best to take it out of your cupboard when you really need a boost of energy, take one handful and eat it slowly. But don’t stand in front of the cupboard all day! After you eat one handful, go to do your chores or do a quick exercise, the cravings will go away…

Nuts and Dried Fruit


And something more about chocolate (or whatever your top of the top choice of junk food may be): I realized that if you feel big, big, BIGGEST LUST for it, it is better to get one small bite of it and enjoy for a minute, than to have to fight with yourself every single moment of the remaining time on a diet.

Often I take one square of chocolate after lunch or after good workout. Because I know, that it would stress me more if I hadn’t. And my sanity in as important as my physical body.


That’s all for day 3, folks!

If you wish to add something, anything, please leave a comment below. 🙂 It will be highly appreciated.




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