This day my thoughts were completely off the challenge How to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. All my workout was done by comforting my ill twins, by carrying them around singing, one by one and both at the same time. You can imagine I just didn’t have energy even to think about exercising, yet I believe I have burnt a lot of calories. It’s not easy at all to carry a load of more than 16 kg (cca 35 lbs) for an hour and repeating it about 6 times in 24 hours. This is also the reason I’m a bit late with this diary entry.


Considering all the inconveniences, I was lucky enough it was Saturday and my parents cooked a delicious lunch for all of us.

Fit Mommy’s Menu #4

Morning lemon juice metabolism booster.

BREAKFAST:     tuna fish (from the can), slice of whole grain bread, 1 green pepper and 1 tomato, coffee

SNACK:              two handfuls of cherries, 2 crackers

LUNCH:              beef stew, grilled trout, boiled potato with spinach, green lettuce

SNACK:              half of banana, mix of blueberries and strawberries

DINNER:             yogurt with corn flakes (no sugar!)


In the morning I’ve put my lemon metabolism booster on an ultimate test. Will it work after almost no sleep, physical exhaustion and one of the biggest stress imagined? YES! I am sure the juice had something to do with what kept me going, for the most of the day however. At 5 pm it didn’t have any more chance towards never-ending-comfort-seeking of my poor little ones.


Deal with back pain quickly and Move on!

I was totally down and my back was in such a pain, I just had to take some minutes off. It took me just 20 minutes to do some exercises for lower back pain relief and the special one that I learned not so long ago, but it showed off as one of the most effective when comes to relieving back pain. I named it The Healing Movement.

This exercise helped me to relax my whole back and so I felt a bit better.

1 hour of sleep in 60 seconds

Along with getting rid of the back pain I managed to make up for one hour of my lost sleep. I used a simple, yet very efficient way to do this in only 60 seconds!

1 Hour of Sleep







If you want to do this, all you need is some alone time in a quiet and airy space (I use my bedroom or sometimes my balcony). You have to sit down comfortably and close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Relax all your muscles, visualize you floating in tranquility of space.

Then put your palms together and rub them as hard and quick as you can. When your palms reach higher temperature, almost burning heat, cover your eyes with them. You should place your palms on your face so that the tips of the fingers point upwards, the center of the palms right in front of your eyes and only touching your cheekbones and brows, not eyelids directly.

Stay that way for 60 seconds, or as long as you still feel the heat on your eyelids. Breathe spontaneously. At the end of the session, open your eyes when still covering them. Only then you should uncover them. Feel the difference?



This exercise helps me lots of times. 🙂 So I dare you to try it and post your experience below! 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon. 😉


Till tomorrow!


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