Monday after quite a terrible weekend… I decided to make some changes, to be more thorough at following my plan … And also promised to turn off the computer for the whole day. It was crucial for me to be able to go to bed early that evening, to catch up a little bit on my missed sleep (if anything like that is even possible 😉 ). This is also the main reason I’m falling behind with my diary for some time now.

Cleansing Solo Walk

Solo Active WalkAt 11 am I managed to sneak out, when my twins were taking their first daily nap, leaving them with their dad. They sleep two times a day still, although they are already 13,5 months old. I think the premature birth has a lot to do with these kind of specifics in their upbringing. However, they are great! Walking and talking, some of the first baby-talk words, calling for mama, dede (grandpa), Tajda (their sister), duda (pacifier), baba (grandma)… How cute!

OK, about me sneaking out … I went for a short (1 hour) hike and took our dog with me. Where we live, we have a beautiful hilltop near. It only takes me half an hour to get there and back, but it seems like a whole day mountain hike, as I can clear my head and fill my lungs with fresh air. Walking fast uphills is very cleansing. 🙂 And playing with my dog, who wanted to ambush me from high grass when I was running, a lot of fun.

Yes, I tend to incorporate some running into my solo-walks. It does not hurt… 🙂 When my muscles are already warmed up from hiking, it is the most logical continuation of my workout to start running. And I also love to run on softer surfaces, as grass, earth, sand. My knees seem to be very grateful, since I suffered of anterior cruciate ligament fracture more than a decade ago.


Take Care of your Children’s Hydration!

This afternoon my oldest daughter started a roller skating course. It was a very hot day, but I somehow forgot to bring her water bottle. I felt terrible, like a failure-mommy! Am I not able to take care of this little but so important thing?! Have you ever experienced such a shame? And it happened to me – ME – me, who ALWAYS remind the children to drink!!!

Fortunately we had opportunity to bring her some water, when we were driving from the doctor’s appointment with our twins. She emptied the 3 dl bottle at once! Imagine how thirsty she was…

I cannot stress to much, how important it is to take care not only for yours but for your children hydration and to give them fresh water and nothing but water! I’ll be covering this to me one of the most essential topics in my blog soon.



When I was outside collecting my sanity and breathing deeply, my beloved husband cooked us lunch …

Fit Mommy’s Menu #6Meat Dumplings and Mashed Potatoes

As always I started my day with a glass of warm lemonade on empty stomach – see why

BREAKFAST:     oatmeal cereals with dried fruit and nuts, milk, coffee

SNACK:             cottage cheese with blueberries

LUNCH:             zucchini soup, meat dumplings with mashed potatoes and green salad

SNACK:             cherries

DINNER:            plain yogurt and a slice of whole grain bread, tomato






This is all for Day 6 of my challenge How to lose 20 pounds in 30 days… 🙂 Take care and stick around for updates!

Feel free to comment below and tell me, how do you take care of your and your children’s hydration in the hot summer days that lay ahead (in Europe though 😉 ).



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