Tuesday was one sunny and warm day. Since the doctor yesterday told us, it’s no problem for the babies to go outside, we went out with the stroller. My husband was busy with coloring the balcony fence, so I took time for a walk.

As usually I took our dog with us and we made about 5 kilometers through a forest. Nice shady and cool forest, though the road has quite an inclination. I pushed the stroller uphills for 2 km and then played fetch with my dog on a meadow. And the fetch can be quite an active play … 🙂


Kids-Playing Outside



Actually nothing else special happened – at last one peaceful day.:) My girls were happy to be outside, playing in the yard, on the swing and slide. It was great!




How many different menus?

Today I’m ending my week’s menus. When trying to lose weight I tend to juggle the meals and even parts of meals of different days. I actually don’t like to cook brand new food every day, only if I feel specially inspired. After some time I realized that if I spent less time in the kitchen, less food urges I felt. So I cook something familiar and tasty, eat it, clean up the dishes and get the h. out of there! 😉

You can, for example, cook a soup from one menu, main course from the other and add something you like from the third. Don’t forget to include a special bonus in the end of the week, if you were very very good with sticking to your plan during that week. A scoop of ice cream after lunch will do the trick. And the feeling of a reward will make it even more delicious!

However, I didn’t earn to be rewarded, and maybe I had too many rewards during the week… So I just ate this:

Fit Mommy’s Menu #7

A glass of warm lemonade to start my day – see why

BREAKFAST:     slice of whole grain bread, a slice of cheese and chicken breast salami, green pepper, coffee

SNACK:              2 crackers, plain yogurt

LUNCH:              carrot soup, salmon file with fried corn porridge slices, green salad

SNACK:              apple

DINNER:             corn flakes with milk

How to resist biggest temptations?!

In the evening my mother brought out of the fridge a chocolate cake. A chocolate cake! How can one resist?! Once more, my sane inner voice was muted by the smell and look of the temptation.

And followed by regrets …

Does anybody have a clue, how to overlook such temptations?! Please, share it below and end my misery! 🙂





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