Foods for me and my baby


Anyone that has already tried to lose weight and shape his/her body knows that this is completely impossible without proper diet. Simple as that: if you don’t care about what you put into your body, then no exercise program will help you. Proper diet and eating habits are even more important if you just gave birth to a baby and you are breastfeeding.

Be effective in your kitchen

In first years living with children I realized it is essential to be very effective in my kitchen. Organization helps a lot!

Healthy and Tasty Food


Foods for me and my baby are:

             – healthy and nutritious

             – tasty

             – easy and quick to make


To me it is also important that I’m able to prepare same food for my entire family (hubby who doesn’t eat much, picky 4-year-old and ever hungry babies, and me of course!).


Not just what you eat, but HOW you eat

Yes, diet and proper foods are important to lose weight. But it is also important to know such things as when to eat, where to eat, how to eat. If you are gobbling up your lunch standing by the kitchen sink to quickly put your plate into it and run after the little ones – not only that you are not setting a proper example for your children, your digestion just doesn’t get it that it has to do it’s job.

Ideally you would sit down together with your children/family at the table and eat a home-cooked healthy meal, have a pleasant Climbing the Tableconversation and be one big happy family. At our house meals are often like that. We are occasionally dealing with our picky eater and debating about this and that food. Me and my husband also have a lot of extra workout sitting and standing up quickly when the twins decide to climb to the table one after another, repeatedly… 🙂

However, I do believe that reality in many families is often a complete opposite: screaming picky children, overwhelmed parents, eating in turns, not together, with too little energy to consider, let alone bring healthy food onto the table.

Breastfeeding mommy on a diet?

I recommend you not to do any diet if you are breastfeeding your baby. Not only that, dieting is severely forbidden by my standards in this case!

However I don’t encourage you to eat whatever comes to your cravings’ mind. 🙂 Healthy food can be delicious too! Be reasonable, do not exaggerate with any type of food, especially sugar!

You have to take into account all the extra calories your body needs to recover from childbirth and to amend all the calories needed for producing food for your baby. That is all additional to your body’s everyday needs! Only for producing enough milk for your baby you need around 500 calories a day!

So if you don’t want harm the lactation process, leave dieting for at least two months after giving birth. Then you can slowly start reducing the consumed calories and eat 100 calories per day less for one week, and next week another 100 less, and so on. You should never eat less then 1800 calories per day while breastfeeding!

Losing weight without counting calories

OK, if you are more like me and you hate counting calories or you just don’t have the nerve to do it, I have another solution for you. When you are breastfeeding, you normally also start losing weight because of greater energetic needs of your body. That happens even without any special diet and workout.

A breastfeeding mother loses on average 0,5 kilos per week. If you are not satisfied with your body weight after 6 weeks, you can start working out slowly (do consult with your gynecologist, if you had any problems!). And in the 8th week after giving birth you can simply reduce your consumption of food in this manner:Peaches Healthy and Nutritious Food

  • cut off sugar in any form (if you have cravings, reach for nuts, fresh or dried fruit)
  • replace white flour products with wholegrain
  • eat 5 meals a day
  • drink 3-4 liters of water a day (it depends on the season – if it is warm you need to hydrate more).

This change should do the trick until you stop breastfeeding your baby. 🙂 Later on you can only rock it, because you have the foundations!

Let’s cook together!

When my girls were just a month old I used to put them into a carrier and we cooked together. It is important to take proper precautions, for example not to deal with hot oil or boiling water, not to stand to close to the stove etc. But it can be done! Sometimes I even put the baby into rocking chair and place it safely on the counter beside me when I was cooking. So the baby still felt close to me and I was able to do my job, and nonetheless I felt calm, knowing my daughter is enjoying herself.

When your children get older, you can easily introduce them to cooking by making them a part of the cooking team. You’ll be surprised, how they’ll enjoy it and how proud they will be when presenting their dish. And they’ll be also able to develop a healthy attitude to food. My 4-year-old is always very fond of her creations and she’s happy to eat it.

Baby-food-is-yuck believers, I will show you’re wrong!


If you have some suggestions about baby and mommy food, maybe a scrumptious recipe, an interesting experience or a different point of view, let us know. You are welcome to share your thoughts below every post or you can write to!