Morning Routine: Speed Up your Metabolism with a Lemon

It’s been some time now that I learned this form a good friend of mine: Every morning you can wake up your digestion and speed up your metabolism with a lemon! Very simple, yet very powerful…

Lemon For Your Metabolism


If you are searching for something that will improve your overall health and well-being and boost your energy, here is a simple, natural and tremendously effective way! Just squeeze one lemon and add 3 dl of warm fresh water. Your morning booster is ready and waiting for you to drink it. Doing it before breakfast, on an empty stomach it can do miracles!

Lemon: Natural source of health

You are perhaps wondering, how can such a little change in your morning routine have such a big impact on your well-being. There are several reasons, why a lemon can be good for you. One lemon a day can:


Lemon juice helps to dissolve and remove toxins from your intestines, because it has very similar structure as gastric acid. It is good to prevent and ease heartburn, and swelling of digestive tract. Drinking warm lemonade in the morning will wake up your digestion.

However, note to use warm water, not hot or cold, as the last two possibilities can tie you to the toilet for a while! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually hot and cold water are harder to digest as warm water.

Also lemon juice helps to clear your whole body of toxins, prevents them adding up in hurting your cells, tissues and organs. It encourages the kidneys to produce more enzymes and work better.


I cannot say that just a lemon will be enough to get into shape, but it certainly can help! Another good thing about drinking lemon juice is that it reduces your food cravings and speeds up your metabolism.


Maybe you’ve heard that a lot of foods we usually eat (white flour, refined sugar etc.) makes our body acidified. The acidification of your body can eventually lead to major health issues and diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. To have greater chances of preventing this to happen, you should consider alkalizing your body. Now is not to late! With lemon juice you can do it naturally, easily and with very little cost.


Lemon is a good Vitamin C source. And not only that, it is also the source of antioxidants, Vitamins B, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Zinc, enzymes and fibers. It helps with iron absorption, which is crucial if you have poor blood and low hemoglobin levels. (…I found out this hard way, with my twins being sick all the time as their iron supplies emptied too much…)

With all of the goodies inside, lemon juice can prevent or ease flue, cold and other virus or bacterial infections.


Drinking lemon juice reduces the number of bacteria in your mouth and so makes your breath fresher. Remember though not to drink undiluted lemon juice, as it is to sour for your oral cavity and can damage your mouth pH (pH of lemon juice is about 2, critical mouth pH is 5.5). Lower mouth pH can cause demineralization and can damage your teeth.


Magnesium and Potassium in lemon juice positively affect your brain and nervous system. The effect in improved brain activity, concentration and mental clarity. I believe this is very important for all who challenge their brain on daily bases and have to avoid stress, especially students, businessmen and busy mommies, of course!

Drink Warm Lemonade

How do I do it?

Every morning before even thinking about doing anything else (except going to the toilet), I squeeze one half of lemon, put the juice into a glass and add around 3 dl of warm fresh water.

You can easily use one whole lemon, if you want, even more so if you weigh more than 70 kg (154 lbs).

I do not add any sugar, but if you don’t like it to sour, you can easily add some natural and safe sugar supplement – stevia.

Usually I drink it right away, but sometimes my ‘obligations’ need to be taken care of first, so I drink my potion in sips in about 10 minutes. No harm done, just don’t eat before you’ve drank the whole glass.

Some lemon juice can even make your boring glass of water, that you should drink every hour during the day, tastier. Here is another tip for hot summer: Make yourself ice cubes out of lemon juice. One or two lemon ice cubes into your water and life can be a bit sunnier!

Cheers to our health!



    Hi! I loved this post. Summer is beginning and water with lemon can be a great way to start the day and hydrate. I will give it try. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Spela (Post author)

      Hi, Laura!
      I agree, this morning treat is SO good in the summer!
      Not only in the morning, here’s a tip for the whole day: Make lemon juice ice cubes, and put one or two of them into your glass of water during the day… ๐Ÿ™‚ The usual water gets a new twist ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! Take care!

      ล pela

  2. Andrea

    Yes! More people should do this! I’ve been drinking warm water with 1/2 a lemon every morning for the past few years now and I can say that my body feels emptied of toxins each time. It curbs any hunger pangs and regulates my weight.

    This is a habit that everyone should incorporates into their daily lives. Thanks!

    1. Spela (Post author)

      Hi, Andrea!
      I’m very grateful you have shared your experience! That is awesome to have somebody here that can confirm the positive effects! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I too think that more people should drink it.

      Thanks for reading my post and commenting.

      Best wishes!
      ล pela

  3. Fray

    Wow… consider myself told!

    Is this limited strictly to lemons, or can the humble lime work it’s magic too (I only ask because I prefer the taste of lime, but I won’t turn my nose up at a bit of lemony goodness).

    It sounds like a little life-tweak can make a big difference, so I’ll begin tomorrow!

    Cheers for the heads up ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Spela (Post author)

      Hi, Fray!
      Yes, the lime should do the trick! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for pointing out this option!

      I know you will succeed in making lime juice the part of your morning ritual!

      ล pela


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